Understanding Auto Insurance

What Causes Auto Insurance Rates To Increase?

If you get a letter that your auto insurance premium is going up, it's important to understand why. There may be something you're able to do to get a lower rate by changing how you drive or changing auto insurance companies. Rate Increases After an Accident It's common for your auto insurance rates to go up after an accident. Almost every auto insurance company will raise your rates. The reason they do this is that the more accidents you have, the higher your risk of getting into another accident. Read More 

What Makes A Person A High-Risk Driver?

Insurance companies, such as Budget Insurance Offices Inc, place drivers into categories when calculating rates for them, and the worst category to be in is the high-risk category. When you are considered a high-risk driver, you will always pay more for your car insurance coverage than you would if you were considered a lower-risk driver. If you are considered a high-risk driver, you might be wondering why you are in this category, and here are some of the top reasons for this. Read More 

Boat Insurance: FAQs From New Boat Owners

If you own a car, you need to have car insurance. And if you own a boat, you need to have boat insurance. But while almost everyone drives a car, and therefore car insurance is a well-known and popular thing, not everyone owns a boat—so you probably know a bit less about boat insurance! The following are questions that new boat owners often have about insurance. What does boat insurance cover? Read More 

When To Lower Auto Insurance Deductible

Your auto insurance deductible should not be a static number; you should review it regularly and increase or decrease it if necessary. For example, here are some situations in which you should lower your deductible. You Have Been Driving the Same Car for Years A high deductible makes sense with a valuable car that will require serious money to fix in case of an accident. Therefore, if you are driving one of the latest car model or an exotic car, a high deductible makes sense because even after you pay the deductible, the insurance will still chip in and top up the repair cash. Read More 

Protecting Your Tiny Home With Homeowner’s Insurance

You have the new tiny house picked out, you have started eliminating the unnecessary clutter, and you are fully ready to live your life on a smaller scale. It is definitely exciting to make the transition from a big house into a tiny one, but there is one little conundrum that many new tiny home dwellers do not expect: homeowner's insurance for a tiny home can be a fickle thing. You definitely do not want to live in a home that is not properly protected, so you will need to do a little research about insuring your new small abode. Read More